2012 June

Golden Eagle Strategy Concept

The golden eagle strategy is based on the behavior of the golden eagle. Among the behaviors of the golden eagle some are more conspicuous and algorithmic and as such a framework could be drawn out in two main stages of exploration and exploitation of prey (opportunity). besides these two main stages, there is a mindset, which helps the golden eagle in both stages and sustaining the opportunities.  Opportunity Exploration Panoramic View Panoramic view is the foundation of the opportunity recognition…

Regal eagle
The Origin of the Idea

I never forget the first time when I saw a golden eagle in my life. My father was an outdoorsman and I was his little partner on some hunting and fishing trips. He tried to teach me all that the nature can teach us. In one of our hunting trips we went deep into the mountains and I was supposed to hunt partridge independently. So, I went up alone and my father was just watching me from the distance. When…