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Fly fishing and entrepreneurs
Contingency Planning: How Fly Fishers and Entrepreneurs Deal with Ambiguity

It is springtime and the mother of nature is showing its beauty again. I have been involved in such outdoor activities as hiking and fly fishing for years, and it is the time for more outdoor activities now. In this post, however, I am going to discuss fly fishing from its other perspective: the contingency planning.

Business Idea Competitions: Flying Under the Radars vs. Revelation of the Idea

I have been involved in business idea competitions since 2010 and more seriously in “Sharif Entrepreneurship and Business Development Festival” in the last two years as a judge, mentor, and lecturer on technology commercialization. In this post, I am going to discuss some facts that should be taken into consideration before submitting your idea to such competitions. Entering business idea competitions has some pros and cons for prospective entrepreneurs.

The M&A Negotiations: Do it Like a Golden Eagle (Part 1)

Mergers and Acquisition is one of the most popular expansion types that entrepreneurs use nowadays. M&A is a process that encompasses set of activities such as writing the letter of intent, receiving and reviewing the teaser, due diligence, negotiations, post-agreement transition, etc. Among these steps, the negotiations process is inevitably dominant. M&A negotiation process should be highly respected; hence, a wise manager comprehends the significance of the negotiations throughout the whole process. The negotiation steps mostly commence after signing NDA…

Double-Edged Swords and the Lack of the Golden Eagle Concept: How NSA Mistakes Made Snowden a Global Hero

The world’s most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has been on the top of all media news these days. His revelation of the classified information from NSA made him so popular that he even has the chance of winning the Nobel Peace Prize when the professor of Umea University nominated him recently. The story revealed more information than just the public story of the NSA’s surveillance program and there are several management lessons learned. NSA had plenty of management mistakes that…

Strategic Thinking: Sun Tzu’s Legacy and the Modern Business (Part 1)

  Among the classic books written by strategists one of the oldest ones is still read worldwide by variety of people; business managers, army commanders, top politicians, sports managers, etc., are all using the Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War” that was written in 500 B.C. on bamboo strips as strategic principles of wars. Some of Sun Tzu’s principles are crucial for business and strategic planning that in my opinion should be hanged on the wall of any CEO’s…

Entrepreneurial Intelligence: The Flipsides of Flying under the Radars

In the previous post I have discussed the challenges of protecting the innovation and trade secrets. This is important to keep the secrets of the company inside the organization and make sure the business idea and core competencies are protected well. Flying under the radar is the approach of most entrepreneurs during their seed stage for business idea protection. I have been involved in couple of startup consultancy projects as well as starting my own firm and I have seen…

The Golden Eagle Farm: A Solution to Boost the Economy

I have discussed the importance of the golden eagle entrepreneurs before. American fiscal cliff, European debt crisis and above all, high unemployment rate in the whole world are the main concerns of the top decision makers now. Many economists and experts have been discussed and consulted and they all agreed on one point which is the essence of entrepreneurial activities that can contribute to the economic growth. This is quite evident that the golden eagle entrepreneurs are solution to the…

Golden Eagle Strategy Concept

The golden eagle strategy is based on the behavior of the golden eagle. Among the behaviors of the golden eagle some are more conspicuous and algorithmic and as such a framework could be drawn out in two main stages of exploration and exploitation of prey (opportunity). besides these two main stages, there is a mindset, which helps the golden eagle in both stages and sustaining the opportunities.  Opportunity Exploration Panoramic View Panoramic view is the foundation of the opportunity recognition…