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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow: Entrepreneurial Lessons from Elon Musk

I am not surprised! Tesla just unveiled the new model 3, which is an affordable version of Tesla cars. Elon Musk finally introduced a Tesla for the average earners and that’s what I was expecting him to do, as he has been trying hard to make space travel available for everyone too. Yes! This is something unreachable for the time being, but Elon’s previous successful startups were all sort of unreachable dream-like ideas that came true. In the book, “…

On the Character of the Golden Eagle Venture Capitalists: How They Avail themselves of Failure

Entrepreneur’s character is an axiomatic factor that fosters innovation and entrepreneurial activities. Entrepreneurship scholars have long been conducting research on entrepreneur’s character, contemplating it both as a major factor for entrepreneur’s success and a salient stimulus to entrepreneurial activities. Nonetheless, there has been less research on other players of entrepreneurship ecosystem such as venture capitalist.

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Corporate Venture Capital: Why Large Enterprises Introduce their Investment Arm?

Startup events are ubiquitous nowadays and many companies and individuals are inclined to entrepreneurial practices. As a result, large enterprises have outrageously commenced to play a role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by starting their investment arm or Corporate Venture Capital (CVCs) firms. I have recently been consulting two of these large companies to start their own CVCs and comparing these CVCs to the regular venture capitalists I have worked with, I maintain that these two types of venture investments are not…

Fly fishing and entrepreneurs
Contingency Planning: How Fly Fishers and Entrepreneurs Deal with Ambiguity

It is springtime and the mother of nature is showing its beauty again. I have been involved in such outdoor activities as hiking and fly fishing for years, and it is the time for more outdoor activities now. In this post, however, I am going to discuss fly fishing from its other perspective: the contingency planning.

Business Idea Competitions: Flying Under the Radars vs. Revelation of the Idea

I have been involved in business idea competitions since 2010 and more seriously in “Sharif Entrepreneurship and Business Development Festival” in the last two years as a judge, mentor, and lecturer on technology commercialization. In this post, I am going to discuss some facts that should be taken into consideration before submitting your idea to such competitions. Entering business idea competitions has some pros and cons for prospective entrepreneurs.