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The Golden Eagle Farm: A Solution to Boost the Economy

I have discussed the importance of the golden eagle entrepreneurs before. American fiscal cliff, European debt crisis and above all, high unemployment rate in the whole world are the main concerns of the top decision makers now. Many economists and experts have been discussed and consulted and they all agreed on one point which is the essence of entrepreneurial activities that can contribute to the economic growth. This is quite evident that the golden eagle entrepreneurs are solution to the…

The Golden Eagle Entrepreneurs: Where Are They?

The economic crisis is definitely the biggest problem of today’s world. Many companies got into the challenges and dilemmas; some went bankrupt and some others are struggling to survive. Both the bankrupt firms and the struggling companies augmented the unemployment rate in the society. There were plenty of reports declaring the job cuts from large and medium enterprises that lead to job loss of more than thousands of employees. This happens when companies try to survive by cutting their human…

Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Business Model Generation: A Quick Review

The new generation of entrepreneurial strategies and business framework created a new approach for entrepreneurs and business managers to focus on. Lean Startup by Eric Ries and Steve Blank’s customer development mostly provide strategic frameworks from which the entrepreneur can have the startup approach, while business model generation provides the base for the planning and mostly guides how to organize the process and plan for the business. These frameworks have many positive points as well as some challenges that we…

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Opportunity Trap: How an Opportunity Turns into a Fatal Challenge

I have mentioned the term opportunity trap in my previous post, Stages of Firm’s Development and the Golden Eagle Strategy. The two words trap and opportunity together create a paradoxical term which is the result of poor opportunity recognition. This misjudging mostly accounts for the lack of panoramic view and prey focus that can cause fatal problems to any enterprise. The term trap came to my mind when I first was trapped myself in what I called later opportunity trap.

Golden Eagle Strategy Concept

The golden eagle strategy is based on the behavior of the golden eagle. Among the behaviors of the golden eagle some are more conspicuous and algorithmic and as such a framework could be drawn out in two main stages of exploration and exploitation of prey (opportunity). besides these two main stages, there is a mindset, which helps the golden eagle in both stages and sustaining the opportunities.  Opportunity Exploration Panoramic View Panoramic view is the foundation of the opportunity recognition…

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The Origin of the Idea

I never forget the first time when I saw a golden eagle in my life. My father was an outdoorsman and I was his little partner on some hunting and fishing trips. He tried to teach me all that the nature can teach us. In one of our hunting trips we went deep into the mountains and I was supposed to hunt partridge independently. So, I went up alone and my father was just watching me from the distance. When…