The Origin of the Idea

I never forget the first time when I saw a golden eagle in my life. My father was an outdoorsman and I was his little partner on some hunting and fishing trips. He tried to teach me all that the nature can teach us. In one of our hunting trips we went deep into the mountains and I was supposed to hunt partridge independently. So, I went up alone and my father was just watching me from the distance.

When I came to our regular hot spot, I saw a partridge about a meter away from me and I was surprised as a partridge was that close to me behind the bushes but it did not move. All of a sudden a huge shadow appeared from my left side soaring slowly down towards me. I was sitting next to a bush in my camouflaged position inspired by the golden eagle.

The magnificence and dignity of the golden eagle inspired me so much that I could not do anything except following it with my eyes. I was just about three meters away from that beautiful creature when it passed from my front side soaring with low speed scanning everywhere. After so many years I still remember how it turned its head so frequently sideward to scan more dimensions in that area.

Thereafter, I was totally impressed by the golden eagle and later on I decided to learn more about this bird and its own characteristics. It has been years now that the golden eagle has been my life’s single paragon. In fact, I use the Golden Eagle Strategy in many different aspects of my private and professional life and this strategy helped me a lot. I can admit that I personally owe a lot to the golden eagle in my whole life.

I strongly believe that every company, organization or even a private person can be a golden eagle by learning the techniques and strategies that the king of skies uses. As I have been involved with business management and entrepreneurship for years, I decided to make an effort to create business strategy framework out of the behaviors of the stunning golden eagle. Thus, based on my academic knowledge and business and management experiences, I decided to translate the golden eagle character into a business model. I approached the golden eagle strategy as a cognitive framework that any enterprise can use in its strategy making and business model.

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