The Golden Eagle Entrepreneurs: Where Are They?

The economic crisis is definitely the biggest problem of today’s world. Many companies got into the challenges and dilemmas; some went bankrupt and some others are struggling to survive. Both the bankrupt firms and the struggling companies augmented the unemployment rate in the society. There were plenty of reports declaring the job cuts from large and medium enterprises that lead to job loss of more than thousands of employees. This happens when companies try to survive by cutting their human resource costs which is relatively high in the western countries.

Furthermore, the current deficit of some countries is the other problem for instance in the U.S. economist and experts have been discussing on issues such as fiscal cliff which is caused by the country’s deficit and they try to find out solutions.

Almost all economists and business experts agree that proper entrepreneurial activities are the main problem solvers to unemployment and economic deficit. More start-ups need to be

The Golden Eagle Entrepreneurs

On a business TV there was once a program called “Where are our entrepreneurs?” and I just whispered: “They have been put to deal with something else”. This is a fact that the current world is not using the potential of entrepreneurs properly.

Entrepreneur’s character is surely the base of any startup that can be also the base of facilitating the economy and entrepreneurial growth. Not every person has the instinctive risk-taking character to start an enterprise and not any person can recognize the business opportunities. There are particular characters that the person should possess in order to be an entrepreneur. Risk taking ability, high ambition, and ability to recognize and exploit opportunities are main factors that put the distinctive lines between entrepreneurs and others.

The golden eagle takes big risks and sometimes preys on bigger mammals. Such risks bring the eagle plenty of food, but there has been some occasions that the eagle died due to such risks. When the eagle preys on such mammals, there are others that also consume the prey.

The golden eagle entrepreneurs are those entrepreneurs with higher ambition than just starting one enterprise and sticking to it. They tend to take bigger risks. Habitual entrepreneurs or serial entrepreneurs are those golden eagle entrepreneurs that start multiple enterprises one after the other. Such entrepreneurs are not easy to find and they are not everywhere. They approach their entrepreneurial path of life themselves and they do not need to be pushed by universities, incubators, friends or family, or the government. They know what they want and know where they are going. They accept the risk of losing all they have and accept the challenge of starting from the beginning over and over again. They are determined and success has no end point for them.

What a golden eagle entrepreneur needs is to have wings to fly high over the playground. If the golden eagle entrepreneur stays inside a cage in a zoo or has injured wings, he/she is not a golden eagle anymore.

Our potential golden eagle entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with managerial duties and some are hardly struggling to survive. They have to deal with stuff that they are not made to do and this is the unfortunate truth of our today’s world.

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