Corporate Innovation

Innovative Organizations and Heuristic Approach: How Entrepreneurial Mindset Nurtures Innovation Inside Organizations

All companies in our era, try to come up with innovative solutions to create competitive edge, but not all of them can even barely get close to any innovative product or service. The reasons behind the innovation asymmetry between firms lies behind several seasons. While there are some external factors such as financial constraints, environment, and infrastructure, the internal factor, which is the corporate culture weighs more. Individual creativity is the most crucial foundation of innovation. It is always those…

the little prince
All Grown-ups Were Once Children, But Only Few of Them Remember It

The book, “The Little Prince”, a masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is renowned as   a children’s book, and hence the title of this post might seem out of scope of entrepreneurship. In this post, however, I focus on the key concern of the little prince, which is grown-ups – who could not understand children- of the business world. Strategic Entrepreneurship (SE) is a well-known term among community of academic scholars and hence a suggested strategic tool for large enterprises…

CVC (1)
Corporate Venture Capital: Why Large Enterprises Introduce their Investment Arm?

Startup events are ubiquitous nowadays and many companies and individuals are inclined to entrepreneurial practices. As a result, large enterprises have outrageously commenced to play a role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by starting their investment arm or Corporate Venture Capital (CVCs) firms. I have recently been consulting two of these large companies to start their own CVCs and comparing these CVCs to the regular venture capitalists I have worked with, I maintain that these two types of venture investments are not…