Impressed by the 14-Year old Leader: Leadership Lessons for Current Managers from Next Generation Leaders

This week I have been quite busy with an invention festival, which was a place to introduce many different innovative ideas and new technologies. The youth and younger entrepreneurs introduced new products and inventions in healthcare, robotics, IT, biotech, and other fields. Some of the inventions were well developed and had high commercialization potential. Nonetheless, what I want to discuss in this post is not innovative ideas, but the leadership of an individual.

Double-Edged Swords and the Lack of the Golden Eagle Concept: How NSA Mistakes Made Snowden a Global Hero

The world’s most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has been on the top of all media news these days. His revelation of the classified information from NSA made him so popular that he even has the chance of winning the Nobel Peace Prize when the professor of Umea University nominated him recently. The story revealed more information than just the public story of the NSA’s surveillance program and there are several management lessons learned. NSA had plenty of management mistakes that…

Strategic Thinking: Sun Tzu’s Legacy and the Modern Business (Part 1)

  Among the classic books written by strategists one of the oldest ones is still read worldwide by variety of people; business managers, army commanders, top politicians, sports managers, etc., are all using the Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War” that was written in 500 B.C. on bamboo strips as strategic principles of wars. Some of Sun Tzu’s principles are crucial for business and strategic planning that in my opinion should be hanged on the wall of any CEO’s…

From Persepolis to Pantheon: Business Management Back in Thousands of Years Ago

It has always been interesting for me to learn more about the business process and lifestyle in ancient times and know how our ancestors managed their lives and their economy at the time. I have recently had the privilege to travel more within Europe for some of my business consultancy projects and did not miss any single opportunity to visit museums and ancient historical monuments. Among these monuments two of them attracted my attention deeper as they prove the existence of some…