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Fly fishing and entrepreneurs
Contingency Planning: How Fly Fishers and Entrepreneurs Deal with Ambiguity

It is springtime and the mother of nature is showing its beauty again. I have been involved in such outdoor activities as hiking and fly fishing for years, and it is the time for more outdoor activities now. In this post, however, I am going to discuss fly fishing from its other perspective: the contingency planning.

The Flipside of Entrepreneurship: How Dilemmas Affect Entrepreneur’s Ambition

The Entrepreneur’s ambition is the wheel of entrepreneurial activities and one of the main reasons of success and growth of new ventures. The role of entrepreneur’s character was discussed in the previous posts such as the golden eagle entrepreneur and the golden eagle farm. However, the entrepreneurial challenges during startup and eventual dilemmas have not been well covered. In fact any entrepreneur faces various trial-and-failures during his/her startup and some dilemmas can cause fatal impacts both on the company and…

Strategic Thinking: Sun Tzu’s Legacy and the Modern Business (Part 1)

  Among the classic books written by strategists one of the oldest ones is still read worldwide by variety of people; business managers, army commanders, top politicians, sports managers, etc., are all using the Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War” that was written in 500 B.C. on bamboo strips as strategic principles of wars. Some of Sun Tzu’s principles are crucial for business and strategic planning that in my opinion should be hanged on the wall of any CEO’s…